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Does Microsoft Learn also oversees and keeps in touch with MeasureUp regarding content updates of the practice tests, video training, virtual labs, and other materials on their website?


So AZ-500 was updated last Sept. 24, 2020. My email communication with MeasureUp.


Oct. 29 - "We are currently working on an update for the AZ-500 Practice Test, which we plan to release at the start of November."

Nov. 2 - "We are now planning to launch the update for the AZ-500 Practice Test in mid-November or late-November at the latest."


It's now Nov. 30 and on the 'Upcoming products and refreshes' page on their website, they now changed it from 'Nov. 2020' to 'Dec. 2020' for AZ-500.




It now has low feedback and rating in mindhub:



So it's now a 2-month gap going 3 most likely given the upcoming holidays. So there's a possibility of January 2021 release. Is this normal? I actually bought the practice test (Nov. 5 - $109) and planning to purchase the virtual labs and video training to supplement the knowledge. I also have the Whizlabs practice test ($18) and their rep told me that theirs is updated and reflects the changes made last Sept. 24, 2020.

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Anybody can answer this?

I'm now demanding a refund for this. Here's my email to them:


I want my refund. I will use it to buy food and groceries instead.
I even sacrificed most of my 1-month food budget for this in the midst of the pandemic.
I made calculated risks of the hunger that I will experience.

I am not happy with this. I've waited and it's already 30 days (1 month).
I budgeted my money for this knowledge investment and this is not a good product.
It's outdated. It's not updated.

Give me back my purchase, please.

You should have more people working on this to keep it updated at the soonest.
It is crazy to think a 3-month gap from the update.
I expected more from this. I am so disappointed. Your company hasn't delivered.
You said you'll update it early and mid-November, then you said late November.
So many promises.
This is not worth my money. My time was wasted.
I could better use this money for the holidays for my mom and siblings.

Their recent reply and what made me ask for a refund:


Dec. 3 - Apologies for the delay, but we had to postpone the official release date due to some unexpected circumstances. We will make sure to let you know as soon as we have more information on the official launch date!


What a joke.




Here are their other replies that I skipped:


Nov. 16 - "Thank you again for your feedback. Our Content Team is still working on the AZ-500 Practice Test in order to update it at the earliest. We will make sure to let you know as soon as there is an official release date. Thank you for your patience!"


Nov. 17 - "We will do our best to release it as soon as possible! Kind Regards,"


Here's another thing. For the whole month of November, I did not see a 'Refund Policy' sub-page in the courses. Now it was added and cleverly dated 'August 10, 2020'.


I swear it's not there. Check it out now.


Microsoft Official Practice Test AZ-500 Microsoft Azure Security Technologies (measureup.com)


I sent this to them and it was not addressed. It was just ignored.