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Hi everyone! I'm hoping someone can help me 🙏🏻. I have a excel file with various sheets I use for caravan hire and managing caravans, there are various formulas across the sheets for accounting purposes. I read that too much copying and pasting can be the cause of my excel "not responding" but this is an essential part of work which is taking forever to perform, can anyone help please. Thank you :pensive_face:
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Hello @Alicia779


Do you also use macros for your Excel sheet? If yes, an option to clear would be this: or you record a macro with the steps from here: and run it in-between. 

I hope that helps

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Hello @Alicia779


I am not quite sure what your inquiry is, are you having issues with copy-pasting in Excel and the program going to "not responding" and crashing, or is Excel just slow and still performing the work?


If you are working within a big file with many formulas, there is a number of things that you can do to increase the file performance and stability. The most harsh form of solution usually is to copy everything over into a new file, as sometimes the files themselves break when they crash too often. Generally, best practice includes removing the number of formulas, or reducing the amount of data in the file.


So as a possible solution for you: if you work with financial data, split off historic data belonging to closed periods. For instance, if you have a file with all the data of the past ten years, you will probably not need the data that is 2+ years old. Retire your current file and start a new one, copy over all the data of the past two years and start a new with the file. You can do that once every year if you want and thus keep all data archived safely and still keep the files working well.


Typically, Excel files lose performance through both the amount of data and formulas, and the issues increase exponentially, since with every extra line of data, one line's worth of formulas get added.


If that solves your issues please let us know. Otherwise perhaps try to give us a better explanation of your issue.  

Hi, yes, the issue is not responding when I'm trying to copy and paste and its starting to take so long that I close the program. I read that the issue could be the macros and there's instructions to copy the sheets onto a new file which I'm happy to do every time if it means I can get my work done in half the time. I only have one seasons worth of bookings on one workbook so there isn't years of work on there. I'll let you know how I get on with that action. Thank you