Not able to use PowerBI Service from MS Learn Lab08 'Using PowerBI visuals'

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I'm going thru the learningpaths for DA100 exams. In the module 'Working with PowerBI visuals' I'm running into a problem with the Lab(08). During Lab 1 until 7 I used the PowerBI Desktop at the  remote desktop environment using the student account to log on.

In Lab08 I need to sign in to the PowerBI Service which requires a work or schoolaccount. I have a workaccount but I'm not allowed to use this account within the MS Learn environment. I assume for security reasons. I also tried to use my private MS account, however MS Learn doesn't allow that.


I assume I'm not the only one facing this problem, anyone a solution?


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@allisonkraker might be able to help you with this. Moving this thread to the Microsoft Learn Community

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Hello @Michel_de_Wit,

If you are unable to sign into your work account in the Learn environment you will need to create a trial account to complete the labs. Details can be found here - this will give you a tenant that you can use for 30 days that can be renewed.

You can also check out this article by Adam Saxton on the Power BI blog. 






Hi @shannonmsft 


Thnx for the fast reply, I will try the route you suggested and come back to share the results.

Again thank u for your time!


Kind regards Michel de Wit