no DLP override option for attachments in outlook 2019 desktop

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I have configured the DLP inside the M365 tenant to detect documents containing sensitive information like Bank Accounts.
However when typing a Bank Account directly in the email content a message pops-up asking me if I want to override and allow send this message. But when the same Bank Account is part of a attachment like pdf or docx no message pops-up.
After pushing the send button the email is scanned, blocked and returning a message 'the DLP has detected sensitive information'
Really frustrating considering you have to decide: disable the policy or never send sensitive info.

I tested this on a E5 environment as well and there is no difference unless Microsoft says the license should allow it for this environment.

I tested this also online and there you receive the override option -;(

I hope somebody can help me because it's becoming really frustrating for me but also for my clients because it counts for all detected sensitive information configured in the DLP.

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Not sure what program you are using, but this board is probably not the place to ask. Try searching on Microsoft for the software you need help about and find their forum.