New sheet tab creation issue

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There are 15 tabs in the excel sheet( it is an already saved excel sheet on the desktop as ABC.xlsx). Out the 15 sheet tabs, i have deleted sheet4,sheet6,sheet11and sheet 13.

Now my sheet selection is on sheet2.when i click on new sheet option(+) the new sheets created are sheet4,sheet6, sheet11 and sheet13, i want the new sheets to start from sheet16 instead it is creating all the old deleted sheets first..why?
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@Raj_123 You have posted on the Microsoft Learn community which is all about exams, certification and training.


You would have better luck on the Excel community board

Hello @Raj_123 


That is build into Excel since the first days. Excel keeps track of the numbers of the sheets but does not continue where you want but where it thinks it would be fitting like a gap in your numbering.

I personally always rename my sheets to my needs and ignore the numbering.

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