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I wanted to introduce myself and say hi! Hi, My name is Taracia (pronounced Taraysa) . I just signed up for an Azure account and am learning what I can do with it. Is there a way to make the Cloud boundless and free moving; getting away from structural boundaries and physical boundaries that we face living where we live today?

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@TraceCloud  Welcome!

Can you explain a little more about what you mean?

There are no real physical boundaries. I'm in Australia & I can deploy & use Cloud resources in Europe or the US, for example.


Azure does included a structured approach for Cloud resources (resource groups, subscriptions and management groups) because at scale a flatter structure is harder to manage. But there's nothing stopping you deploying everything into one resource group.


I feel like your question is about more than just Cloud resource structures though?

Yes, I am so new to this cloud computing and probably shouldn't try to say something I know nothing about.

I have a webpage and it has a paypal button and no physical store. Everything I come across as in utilizing web apps to build more clients, ie Yelp, Nextdoor; is so focused on having a physical store I end up not utilizing those things aps since it needs a physical address and don't want to put my place of residence on it. You answered my question I believe and everything needs some structure to get things done.
I envision with my website for Totally On Line a place that patrons can video chat with me to hire me to do their custom seed bead jewelry or study aids all throught the website no matter where they are at physically. I hope to hear more from you! Visit to see all my pieces and let me know what u think.,,

@TraceCloud The only thing that comes to mind as needing any form of address is the billing address for your account/payment method for your Azure services.


So yes, you should be able to build something that operates fully as a web-based service. Depending on how skilled you are at software development though, this may take more time to put together than buying a pre-built solution that you just customise with your own details. Or you may like to find a software developer you could outsource it to to build, and host on Azure. This includes using 'serverless' things like Azure Functions or Azure Static Web Apps, which dont need you to manage a server in the Cloud.


Hope this helps and good luck with your business!