Name mismatch and PearsonVue didnt allow to take the exam, Please correct the name and re-allow

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Dear Microsoft Team,

I initially ( booked the exam for AZ900 on 7th Jan 2021 which was scheduled on 23rd Jan 2021.
However after scheduling the exam I realized the name was mismatch and I raised a support case with Microsoft on 13 Jan with case number "2101120040001437" the support case was resolved with in a day.

So when I was about to launch the exam on 23rd Jan the Pearson Vue representative didnt allow to launch due to the Name mismatch and raised a case with Pearson Vue, I just now got info from them that I need to contact Microsoft for rescheduling the exam.

Please help me to re-schedule the exam for AZ900 which it was originally booked my me via

Swarnamalya P

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