My certification apointment disapear!!

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I have two certification exams scheduled for March/2022. AZ-104 and AZ-204.

Both desapear from my dashboard!!!!

NEed help, please!!!

Screenshot 2022-03-04 at 11.40.21.png

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likewise, mate
Hi all, I had same issue time ago, but it was a mistake. I have my personal and professional profile. In my personal profile I have my schedules exams, but with my professional profile don't. It could be your same issue? Hope it helps.

It is most likely a bug on the platform.

i still receive my notification from Pearson about the exam.


I face the same issue. I have received reminder email yesterday for the AZ-104 exam but I donot see it in my dashboard
Can you guys still see your appointment in your Pearson Vue account? You can get there via the 'exam providers' heading on your dashboard; if so, don't worry. It's just a glitch on your learning dashboard. Your exam appointment is still valid and you can join at the appropriate time either via the link in the confirmation email from Pearson Vue, or from your Pearson Vue account.
I have same issue.
Hello Ren,
I need to reschedule exam, can't see the appointment and can't do it directly from Pearson, can you suggest any other way to reschedule the same?

@sandavenu Yeah- Pearson Vue will be able to do it for you. There's a chat on this page:


The agent will need your email address and MCID to help you :)



There is a global issue on the Learning dashboard bot showing appointments or when renewals are due. This is logged with Microsoft and is being worked on.
From the Learning Dashboard, If you select Pearson Vue from Exam Providers this is showing my scheduled appointments and I can reschedule from there
Hello Julian,
Thank you and appreciate your kind and quick feedback, I was able to reschedule based on your steps mentioned above. Wish you good health and stay safe.
Appointments are now showing on the Learning dashboard

@Julian Sharp : still unable to see the appointment in learning dashboard. appreciate your help on this.

Same problem for me.
I can see my appointment in PearsonVUE, but it disappeared from my dashboard under my Microsoft Learn profile.
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My appointment is showing for next week - it wasn't being displayed yesterday but is today





Hello everyone.
Today my appointments "reappeared".

Thank you =)
My exam was scheduled on 4th Mar (12:15 AM IST). Due to the ongoing issue it was not visible on the screen. Now how will is appear when scheduled date is over?
Completed exams are not shown on the Learning Dashboard. You will need to select Pearson Vue from Exam Providers on the Learning Dashboard. On the Pearson Vue dashboard, Exam History shows all exams scheduled and taken, and My Score Reports allows you to download your exam result