MS Learn Unauthorized Sandbox use detected.

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My account got flagged today for unauthorized Sandbox use. Odd because within the last few days I completed 2 modules using 1 sandbox environment as per the module instructions. Now I have to wait several days but I'm attending some hands on training at the Start. Dev. Change. event next week (I believe asks users to follow some of the modules which include some sandboxes)


Has anyone experienced this, why it gets flagged, and how long it took to resolve?


Seen an issue last year they addressed where large number of users were blocked and they quickly rectified this.

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I'm also facing the same issue. My sandbox was deactivated about 3days. Can you please advise.

My account:



Sergei A.


Let me check on the appeal for you.
Should be unblocked Sergei. Have fun with Learn!

Dear @markjulmar ,


Could you please assist?


Azure sandbox is blocked for me for more than a week:

Your appeal has been received. Appeals are reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis, and may take several days to process. If your appeal is approved, you will regain access to sandboxes and other interactive learning resources.


My account:
Pavel Khrushchev

Learn account:


Thanks in advance!



@markjulmar  Thank you very much for assistance!

@markjulmarIts been about six months since I got kicked off the sanboxing environment. I finally figured out that its a generalized problem. Would you please unlock mine?


Would you please help me getting my access to the sandboxes unlocked? Its been like this for over three months.
My Account:

Hope to hear from you soon
Thanks in advance

@hacktivism should be unblocked - please try again. Thanks!


Awesome! You're the greatest. It's working like a charm.

Thanks a million
I'm also blocked when trying to access
Can you assist?
It says "Lab access suspended" though was working yesterday.