MS Certification Site is a mess

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The MS certification site has not been working reliably for several weeks. The support forum is understaffed, exams that have been paid for a scheduled cannot be accessed. PearsonVue is doing a very poor job. 


What is Microsoft doing to get these problems resolved?


@Liberty Munson 

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@Dean Gross  Good point raised not sure if any MS Certification Site admin from Microsoft or an MVP will have any insights on this but surely that need to be fixed for the user.... 

I studied all weekend to be ready for the sc400 beta exams that i had scheduled for today and could not even start it because of website problems. Very disappointed that these type of problems are still occurring with the vendy
Dean - there were some outages earlier in the week. Were you able to take your exam? If not, please reach out to support and they should be able to provide you a voucher to take your exam again.
I spent almost an hour chatting with their support, they finally gave me a refund for one, but would not do that for the other. They never offered a voucher, it was a a horrible customer support experience. They need to a take some lessons from the Microsoft support team, which is typically outstanding