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Hello everyone. I need to ask a couple of questions regarding Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR) as I need to install it for my office. Your help in this would be really appreciated. 

1. Does MTR runs on the same Microsoft Teams software which we use in our laptops or does MTR have its own different software?

2. I have an Office 365 account on which I am using Microsoft Teams. Can I use the same account for MTR or do I need to configure it?

Your help in this concern will be really appreciated. Thank you! 

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Hello @hamza1670

Sorry to disappoint you but this is the Microsoft Learn community and is not exactly specialized on your topic/question. Although one or the other MCT specialized in this technology could be visiting this community I have the feeling that your question should be posted in the respective community.
Thank you for your understanding. Here is the link to the community:
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