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MTA certifications include exams for Java and Python.  Why's your course for the latter exam not open to new enrollments, unlike your course for the former exam?  Since you don't have a certification for R programming (to support Microsoft R Open), why's its course also not open to new enrollments?  Thanks.

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Hello @rootsmusic

As already posted here the edX courses are coming to an end.

And that includes the support for it. Why some courses are still available to enroll and others are not may be because of contracts with the trainers or other commitments which were agreed upon long before the decision was made to cut of edX (just my assuming here). 

Over time all of edX will be gone but I do not see that all will be coming back to life in We, the MCT Regional Leads, have given MS the feedback that the market needs the basic courses. I can only ask you for patience.

Is there something that you need like the Python course you mentioned? If so please let us know and we will feed that back to MS.
Thx and I hope it helps

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Thanks, @Rolf-42.  Microsoft's edX courses shouldn't have been archived before replacements are available.  So far, I've been disappointed with the quality of Learn's modules.  Since not every edX courses will migrate to Microsoft Learn, edX should be allowed to open enrollment without providing support for Microsoft courses.



These are my feelings exactly.   The Learn modules are great, and useful, but don't approach the depth of a full course on each topic the way the Edx courses did.