Microsoft Reporting Services - (localdb)\MSSQLLocalDB

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Using Reporting Services (project), I am able Create and Run reports. But I cannot deploy the project. (target report selected in properties)


I am hoping to deploy the report (report project) from my Startup project inside my projects Solution. However, when I deploy the project from Solution Explorer, it shows username and password dialog box, that I never entered during SQL installation setup. (does not work when entered)


So I tried to run reports using ReportViewer, which I know to run *.rdlc reports by default. Information that I read online says that ReportViewer will NOT run *.rdl files. However, I am okay with using ReportViewer with *.rdl reports, if possible.


All help and guidance appreciated in advance,




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So I copied the RDL file into my WinForms Project, then renamed it to RDLC, and hey presto, ReportViewer worked. Initially, I inserted it as a resource file in My Project and from properties set Build Action = Embedded Resource. Only the latter was needed. Also, Copy If Newer was not needed, Do Not Copy worked. Now I can get a good nights sleep.