Microsoft Professional Program retiring edX courses

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Where can I find your announcement regarding the retirement of edX courses taught in a Microsoft Professional Program?  Thanks.

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Hello @rootsmusic ,


the original blog about the retirement of the Microsoft Professional Program was posted at this location. However, since the old blog webpage on the Microsoft Learning page was also retired and the blog was not migrated to the tech community, it could be that the original announcement is now forever lost.


You could try and google for a page that replicated / copied the whole contents of the course, but in my superficial scan I could not find an exact copy.


Is there something that you are looking for specifically? What information do you need?

Yes @JanErikFriedrichs, I want to find a FAQ about the retirement but I think that was lost too.  What's the status of migrating Microsoft's edX courses to another learning platform?

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Hello @rootsmusic, all edX courses have been retired as part of the closing of the MPP program. Thus, the old exams are replaced, while the courses do not get replaced directly but get new courses on Microsoft Learn/Docs fitting the new exams. These courses are usually available by the time an exam comes out of beta.


For example, for the old BI Reporting, you had the edX courses "DAT206x" and "DAT207x" for the 70-778 and 70-779 exams respectively. The courses and exams were retired for the replacement exam DA-100, for which you have the Learning Paths listed below the exam now (i.e. here, also see picture below). The new learning paths as per the new exams are already available and get continuously updated. Some old courses without replacement in the new model are still available on edX, such as DAT207x, Power Query in Excel (the corresponding exam 70-779 was discontinued without replacement).


There is no "training-vacuum", replacements as they will exist are already given in some form or other (or coming soon). For exam-relating training you can check the free learning paths and modules on Docs (here), or as in the example right on the webpage of the exam/certificate.


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(just for length the screenshot only shows the first two items, there are more)



I'm sorry but I think there is indeed a training-vacuum.


Recently I have been working through some of the IoT-related courses on Edx that I enrolled in before they were removed - I haven't found anything with a similar depth in the new platform.  Even though some of the material was a bit dated, I found the longer and deeper dives to be beneficial.


I'm sure I'm not the only one who found the long-format courses more useful than the shorter tutorials on Learn.  It's a shame the existing material won't be archived anywhere public, given all the work that must have gone into creating it...

Hi, I was enrolled on Teams Adoption at EDX. Is there a replacement or a way I can get access to na archive? @JanErikFriedrichs 

@JanErikFriedrichs Does this mean that MS Verified certificates awarded even before cutoff in 2020 are now not recognized by Microsoft and need to be retaken? Thank you

Hello @dalmar22 , I think the old certificates are still valid and recognized by Microsoft but they serve no other purpose than proof of knowledge and participation in the course. You can always still use it for applications, LinkedIn, etc., but other than that there is little other usage. Of course with the certificates aging, their relevance drops since so much new stuff is added to the different fields every day... But perhaps I am misunderstanding: what exactly do you mean with "recognized by Microsoft"? You cannot use them for MPN competencies or anything else other than for your CV.

I totally agree with you. The IoT courses were really good on edX. Do you have those [now defunct] courses somewhere that you can share?

@Mo8867  - Sadly no - I can't access any of it anymore.