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I've completed the Challenge of Microsoft Ignite App Maker, but when I try to see "where I stand" it says I have not completed any of the modules.  However, when I click on "continue" it's 100% and all modules are green. 


I had completed some of the modules prior to this challenge, can that affect that it is not completed. How can I solve this? Need some help please 


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Same for me

Same here

I have the same problem

I have the same problem

same here … finished one early this morning... nothing registered so I did another (thinking that may work) … now I've got two completed that don't show - although the individual modules show 100%

@ack0846 I got the same here.

Same here.

It takes time to update. i had the same problem, showing 7/8. Woke up this morning, logged in, now showing 100% complete and i am on the leader board as 100% complete

Thanks for answer, Kevhannah
I hope the status will be updated to 100% in next hours. 

I'll wait... :smile:



I just ran into the same issue with the  Microsoft Azure Apps and Infrastructure one. 



Challenge status has been updated till now. Everything looks fine (see attachment) :smile:

My recommendation: wait and be patient :cool:



My challenge status has been updated, it was only a matter of time: #solved.

@ack0846 Give it some time. It will update automatically. For me it took like 2.5 hrs to update and tell that i have completed all modules on the Challenge page.


I am having issue in completing the Create DNS Zone module? Did you completed that module.

After creating the DNS zone and adding the A record and verifying the record using nslookup. When I am clicking the "Check your work". I am getting error..That not right.



Yes I completed it. I didn't have any issues. Retrace your steps and make sure you didn't skip a step or leave something out. 

@vinodh87  Same here. Did you solve this problem?

It appears completed after a few hours. I say mine show complete 8/8 the next day but one challenge showed 8/8 after 2 hours

I did two challenges during Ignite, Security & Teams, both are showing all modules complete but the challenge itself is still not registered as complete.  Guess I worked through them too quickly!



I have completed the challenge sincie 5 days but i dont receive the coupon for teh certification.


Have you some problems ??


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