Microsoft is updating the certification for AI Engineers: You can help!


Microsoft is updating the certification for the Designing and Implementing an Azure AI Solution role, and we need your input through our exam blueprinting survey. 


The blueprint determines how many questions each skill in the exam will be assigned.  Please complete the online survey by July 24th, 2020.  Please also feel free to forward the survey to any colleagues you consider subject matter experts for this certification. 


Designing and Implementing an Azure AI Solution blueprint survey link:


Thank you!


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I assume this type of survey is the same mentioned in the recent PrepGuides ? "Certification exams measure your ability to accomplish certain technical tasks for a job role. The study areas are based on the Job Task Analysis that was conducted for the role in December 2019."


It would be good to know how you assess if the responders are skilled SME for this role, if at all ? IMO, this survey should only be available to registered exam takers that passed a very similar exam. @Liberty Munson 

@Razvan Zoitanu I am not sure what you mean by the survey mentioned in recent prep guides but to determine the importance of each skill that we want to include on the exam, we do a blueprint survey asking SMEs to verify the frequency and criticality of each. Using that information, I determine if the skills will be included on the exam (vs only covered in the training or not at all) and how many items will be written on that skill area. We do verify qualifications with several of the survey questions at the beginning of the survey. People who are not qualified are weeded out. 


Per Microsoft contact rules, I cannot contact people who have the certification or are registered for it for requests such as this, hence the broad request.