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I can create a Form with up to 400 characters, but the limit in SharePoint is 255, even if I could make higher in SharePoint the SharePoint List feature will only allow 255 to be transferred to Power BI.


There is nothing to stop the user from putting more than 255 in Forms BUT the admin of Power BI gets a failure message


Is there any way to have 400 across the 3 platforms?  

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Hi @Gary_Gray 

For SharePoint list you can change the type of the column from "single line" to multiple lines.
There is also a tech community post to this question.

This should solve the issue and the flow should continue successfully.

Hope this helps and regards.

@Lars365 Hi When I use Multiple lines the data does not transfer to Power BI correctly from SharePoint and the multiple lines of text are unreadable, which is why I used single lines