Microsoft Excel 2019 - Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced courses and Prices


Dear Team,


I am looking for Microsoft Excel 2019 - Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced courses and Prices and digital learning path. Kindly guide me on the same. 


Unable to find the online classes are paths for following courses. 

Course 55271-A: Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2019

Course 55269-A: Intermediate Microsoft Excel 2019

Course 55270-A: Advanced Microsoft Excel 2019

Want to know is these courses still exist or modified. If they modified please share me the correct link


Also share me the details about MS Excel 2019 learning paths for beginner, intermediate and Advanced. 


Thanks & Regards

V Srinivas

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Hello @SrinivasR

Is it this what you are looking for?

Details about each course are listed at the bottom of each page in the "Course outline" section.

The courses still exist but it depends on the learning providers to offer them. This link can help you finding a learning partner.

I hope it helps.

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@Rolf-42 Thank you. actually i found those links, but online learning paths are unavailable and pricing also.


I am looking for the course material in Courseware Marketplace, but it's unavailable and also looking for digital learning path but no details. 

I found one article that Excel 2019 is out and Office 2019 exists. 


Unable to find the prices for these courses. 


Thanks and regards

V Srinivas

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Hello @SrinivasR

I was able to locate the courses in the Courseware Marketplace. Just place the number e.g. 55271 and it shows as community course. Adding to the cart and downloading worked as well.

But yes, there is no learning path on 

Prices are depending on your status if you are a trainer or learning partner etc.

I've sent you a private message on top of this message. 

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@Rolf-42  Thank you, I was browising through Microsoft learning products. Got them in Community Courses. 


Thank you

V Srinivas