Microsoft 365 tools in teaching people with special needs

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Of course! Using Microsoft 365 tools in teaching people with special needs plays an important role in achieving a comprehensive and motivating learning experience. Let me share with you some useful tools:

Immersive Reader: Helps students improve reading comprehension skills and engage effectively. The text markup feature can be used for students with reading difficulties1.
Translator: Allows you to translate words or texts into more than 100 languages. It can be used to reduce distractions and improve communication between students and teachers1.
Dictation: Converts speech into text and allows students to dictate documents and presentations using the computer's microphone. The text can be easily revised and revised1.
Live Captions: Displays what you say in text form as you speak, which helps improve communication and understanding1.
Learning Accelerators: Help teachers realize the full potential of students using tools that support foundational skills and continuous improvement2.
The use of these tools contributes to a comprehensive educational experience and supports the development of students' abilities.

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