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With a single license assigned for Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise, it can be used in 5 desktops/laptops,5 tablets and 5 mobile devices.

We are having multiple offices in our organization which is situated in various locations around India.

We are having 4 to 5 systems in each location.

If the user is assigned Microsoft 365 apps for enterprise license in an organization, whether the same license can be utilized in installing Office 365 in multiple systems across multiple locations in the organization.

Please give clarity for the same.

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You can distribute the installations across different offices!

The same license can be utilized to install Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise on systems across multiple locations within your organization. Beware Installations per user does not exceed the allowed limit (5 desktops/laptops, 5 tablets, and 5 mobile devices).

Ensure that users are aware of the installation limits and use the license responsibly.
Keep track of the number of installations per user to avoid exceeding the allowed quota.
Remember that the license is tied to the user, so they can use it on any device they personally use, regardless of the physical location :D