MD-102 Exam not available

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I am not able to find MD-102 exam, only Microsoft 365 certifiead Endpoint administrator exam is available in credential.

Has microsoft removed MD-102?

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Looks like you can book the exam from the certification page
I'm having the same problem as shubhamd111 when i'm trying to schedule the "MD-102: Endpoint Administrator" exam. I can't find it.

Is het "Microsoft 365 Certified: Endpoint Administrator Associate" exam the same as "MD-102: Endpoint Administrator"? Did they rename it? It's very confusing.
Microsoft 365 Certified: Endpoint Administrator Associate is a certification not an exam.
MD-102 is the exam which qualifies for this certification.
As I said in my first reply, you can schedule the exam from the certification page - scroll down the page to find schedule the exam.
I have no idea why the exam page has disappeared.
Hi Julian Sharp,

Thank you for your rapid reply. It's clear to me now. I will proceed and schedule the exam from the certification page.

Kind regards,

Laurens Vos