MD-102 and MS-102 Beta Rescores and Related Issues


Thank you for your patience with the MD-102 and MS-102 beta rescore process. Although the exams have been rescored and they are appearing in your Learn profiles, we have encountered a few more unexpected issues related to the system upgrades that delayed the rescores in the first place. 


If you took the beta exam prior to June 30, you see two results in your profile: a failed result that reflects an error in our system that misidentified ungraded exams as "fail" and your "real" result. We are working on a solution to remove the incorrect record. This should be resolved by September 26 (I'm in Pacific time zone). 


If you passed the beta exam and should have earned a certification as a result, unfortunately, you're not able to access the certification. We have identified the root cause and are discussing options to resolve as quickly as possible. I will have an update regarding this on or before Wednesday. 


I sincerely apologize for the continued challenges that we are having in getting the results of this beta exam processed correctly. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our support team ( as I am unable to assist (I don't have access to the tools to investigate or resolve your issues). 


Thank you.

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An update:

The duplicate result issue has now been resolved. You should only see your "real" rescore result in your profile.

Unfortunately, awarding the certification is providing more complicated to solve and will take dev time to fix. The team has prioritized this work (only "you must do this" compliance related work will take precedence), have landed on a solution, and we hope that it will be implemented on or before Oct. 6. We are optimistic that it will be sooner, but given that we have yet to deliver on the expected experience, I want to provide a date by which I feel confident that this will be resolved (famous last words, I know).

Again, I sincerely appreciate your patience. I will continue posting updates as I have them, but let's assume that no new is good news from this point forward. 

@Liberty Munson Hi Liberty - just want to start by saying a massive thanks to the team for resolving the issue around missing certifications. As I’m sure many others can, I can now see my certification. 

I haven’t earned a credential since February this year but it seems that the process of sharing certifications has taken a hit in the time up to now. I’m not sure if this is fallout from the separation from Credly or whether something different altogether, but when I now attempt to share my certification straight to my LinkedIn feed from MS Learn it doesn’t seem to work. 

Further to this, when I add my credential to my LinkedIn profile and ask someone to verify my badge (something that works fine with my Credly badges), they are just presented with a HTML page.

My other minor comment is that the move away from Credly means that badges are no longer shown in the post to social media sites. While not a functional issue, it does detract from the importance of posting to sites such as LinkedIn as connections can no longer see at a glance what a candidate has been certified for. 

I would greatly appreciate if you could offer some clarification as to whether any of the above is by design and if not, is it something the team are looking to rectify. 

Many thanks. 


Unfortunately, I am not yet up to speed on the certification sharing process since we left Credly beyond what's on the website. Please reach out to our support team so they can direct you appropriately.

@Liberty Munson just so you are aware looks like the team that allows us to share our certifications needs to do some work, it just showing us HTML so essentially we are unable to share our certificate. This definitely appears to be related to the other issues we been facing as it is everyone who took the beta that is facing this issue Please see attached. 

I've dropped a request in the support forum, so hopefully the team will be able to fix it.

appercate that! @MEastaugh 

@AndyB1983 Hi all, it looks like this has now been resolved by the dev team. I can now successfully verify my certification so I’d suggest you give it another try