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According to the MCT welcome email I can reach out to the MCT Regional Lead for support

Who would that be for Denmark/Nordic/Europe?

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@JohnnyRaadshoej Go to MCT Central and look on the right-hand side for Contact your Regional Lead

There is a Regional Lead for Denmark but not the other countries. If you have difficulty getting in contact, ask me

@Julian Sharp thank you for the quick response.

When I click on I am directed to Microsoft Learn - Microsoft Tech Community - and on this page I don't find a "Contact your Regional Lead" link.

What do I do wrong?


Johnny Raadshøj

You need to be logged in with the same credentials as you applied for your MCT with. Only MCTs can access MCT Central
You need to raise a ticket on to ensure you get access

@Julian Sharp thank you.

I just earned the MCT today, and I see on other sites that I will need to wait up till 48 hours after the welcome email to get access to all the benefits.

Merry Christmas and all the best in the new year!