MCT Enrollment Problem

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I have submitted my MCT information for approval and it is taking longer than the indicated time to review my credentials. I submitted my Microsoft Certified Trainer Instructional Skills Certification (MCT-ISC) certificate and have passed the required exam. I have a class I can teach on August 26th, 2020 do you think this process will be completed in time? I would hate to lose the money and opportunity. My MCID: 3201218 is the Microsoft number. Any assistance would be appreciated!

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@Julian_Sharp  there is no way to post a message in this link. I have a $60,000.00 contract coming up next week and I will lose it if Microsoft can't process my application in the time stated on their there a phone number for them>

@Julian_Sharp I find this process to be an atrocity.....if I am 2 minutes late on paying my azure bill I get 4 emails a day from Microsoft. When it comes to me needing help I just keep getting sent i circles. Is this what it has come too?

@charlesrevell If there was a phone number I would have informed you]


You have to use Training Support 


Click on Ask a question at the top





Who has sent you in circles? Not me, I have informed you what you need to do.