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We were going through the new MCT enrollment process, there we found the MCT Enrollment Pay Link , which is not working, it's directing to the central, but no info on the fee. We are from India.


Kindly advise us about the new fee structure for MCT enrollment process.


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The MCT fee is currently waived

@Julian Sharp Hi, As per June community call In future there will be fee, so generally how much the trainer has to pay for the same.

There are no current plans to reintroduce the fee
What was said that is IF a fee was reintroduced, 90-days notice will be given
as I know , the MCT now is for free if your eligible !
Hi Julian,
I was looking for some information regarding MCT. I was today at the Microsoft authorized center to do some free teaching part of the new MCT requirements. but told me how am I going to do because everything is online? where about i can get some information for the new MCT application process
@jose_2208 please go over the below link to know what are the requirements and how to apply to the MCT program and what are the benefits.
then once your verify that your eligible you can use the below tool to enroll

 @eliekarkafy Thank you for the information I'm qualified to apply for it but what about Instructional training where about I can this teaching qualification do you know where about I can some more information, please



You need to contact the company that you gave training for them and send an invite from the tool for the concerned person and this person need to validate the email for you pass this step and validate with that company that your perform training session for them
Thank you for your response, Really appreciate it. I'm applying for the first time I am applying as a new MCT. Hopefully, that clarifies my question
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Yes of course @eliekarkafy I'm new to the community how do I do that? sorry

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@jose_2208 As eliekarkafy said the requirements to become an MCT can be found at

Essentially, there are two separate requirements
1. Hold a current associate or expert level certification from the list here
2, Have proof of instructional skills from one of the organizations listed here Note the use of a personal reference was removed on July 1st so you can't ask the training center to vouch for your training skills any more
Can you please help in telling how to send this invite from the tool ? i am new here thanks in advance
As I said the option to use a personal reference that eliekarkafy mentioned has been removed so you cannot send an invite. You need to gain one of the instructional skills certifications that I linked to
Hi if you still looking for instructional certification to become MCT. Let me know I can assist you with the same
yes can you plz help