Mail flow should goes only dedicated Active Directory site

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Hi Concern,

I have 2 AD site, supposed one is DC site and another one is DR site and 3 Exchange server 2 are in DC site and another 1 is DR site with single DAG configuration that has expanded with DC and DR

My mail flow should be: DC site email goes through only DC site Exchange server and DR site email goes through only DR site Exchange server.

Does it require any additional configuration require or nothing else?

Which will be the best practice in this scenario. Please advise and help me to find the solution.

Your cooperation will be highly appreciated.

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@Babu007 Sorry to disappoint you but this is the Microsoft Learn community and is not exactly specialized on Exchange. Although one or the other MCT specialized in messaging could be visiting this community I have the feeling that your question should be posted in the messaging community.
Thank you for your understanding. Here is the link to the community:



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