Machine learning details: Data, design, and deployment


July 18 - Azure Machine Learning.png

If you’re a beginner who wants to learn about Azure Machine Learning, I can’t think of a better place to start than the Design a machine learning solution learning path on Microsoft Learn. These modules explore how to identify important requirements and when to use which Azure service when you’re working with machine learning models. It starts with data—the foundation of machine learning. Find out how to identify data sources and how to figure out the best tools for loading and transforming the data. Then move into designing a data ingestion strategy, a machine learning model training solution, a model deployment solution, and a machine learning operations (MLOps) solution. Plus, learn about bringing a model from development to production. This learning path has all the helpful details on machine learning data, design, and deployment—practical and necessary knowledge in your quest to #LearnMicrosoftAI.

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