Locked windows 11(bitlocker, email and pin code)

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Hello cordially,

The problem to which my application relates is quite complex, and I will try to describe it in relative detail and in simple terms. I am a technical employee of a technical university. My official position is a local IT administrator. A few days ago, I received a business laptop of a faculty member. On the laptop there is a very large amount of data which, unfortunately, has never been backed up. This laptop was configured and prepared for the Department employee by another IT administrator. A new email<email address removed for privacy reasons> was set up on the laptop, probably during the installation of the Windows 11 operating system. In addition, a pin code was added and the hard drive was encrypted with the BitLocker function. The laptop was put into use by the employee. Unfortunately, in the meantime, the administrator(employee) who configured this laptop - died suddenly. He provided absolutely no login information, pin, BitLocker password.
The user of this laptop continued to use the hardware until the latest Windows 11 patch which, unfortunately, after the reboot, asked for the pin code (which he does not have)given probably during the installation of the operating system.

The laptop is locked. Due to the very important and valuable sensitive data that is on the disk, we cannot reset the system to factory settings or do anything that would compromise the data on the disk. I have exhausted all attempts to recover or change the user's password through the Microsoft website, unfortunately, not having enough data that was provided when the email account was created (or was omitted), we have no way to regain access to the account in the outlook.com domain.

Unfortunately, I also failed to make a report of the aforementioned problem through the services hub.

Please help


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