Learning path for online self-study for Azure Solution Architect Expert Certification...?

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Hello folks,


Could someone from Microsoft confirm what is the learning path that I should follow to do online self-study to prepare for the two above-named exams, namely AZ-303T00 and AZ-304T00 for the Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification?


What paths should I follow on this page:



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Hello @rhimbo

Yes, that is the path and the online-free track is the self-study part. You will need to pass both certification tests to achieve the Azure Solution Architect Expert Certification.

I hope that answers your question.

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@Rolf-42 I was asking which of the 9 learning paths do I need to study to prepare for both exams....  On the page I referenced there are 9 distinct paths listed.  But none of their titles correspond to the "Azure Solution Architect Expert" moniker... at least it's not intuitive or clear to me.  The attached screen grab shows only a few of the 9 that fit on my screen..... 


Screen Shot 2020-08-11 at 10.14.53 AM.png

Hello @rhimbo 

The Azure Architect Expert certification is one where you are required to cover a lot of grounds. That means that all of the topics (read all nine learning paths) are needed for you to have chance to answer question out of that specific field. The exams have an overlap to each other as well as to the Azure Administrator Associate. That is why some of the learning paths are listed more than once but you only have to sit them one time.

I hope that helps

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Hi @rhimbo,

We recommend to complete all the learning paths in the certification page.


If you scroll down on the same page, you will find in the Resources section a Journey card that will show you additional options to get prepared.


Good luck in your exams!



Thank you for the clarification.  The more I learn the better, nonetheless, I just wanted to be sure I was focusing my learning for the certification as that is my immediate objective.  


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From my experience the learning path helps but is not sufficient to pass the exams. 

My advice is to take the exam objectives from the side and find each on docs.microsoft.com.

You can also google for it and i am sure multiple sources provides already a compiled list of links where for most of them docs.microsoft.com is the main source.


Good luck!

Hi @pvanoord and @rhimbo 


Regarding a collection of links there is already one resource that did that. have a look at this:




You may also want to look at this to track your learning:


You can find all of the assessment sheets also on Github https://github.com/Build5Nines/exam-assessments/tree/master/Assessments

I hope that helps

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All the resources recommended are great.


Don't forget to take a look at the Azure well-architected framework also https://docs.microsoft.com/learn/paths/azure-well-architected-framework/.


Keep in mind our certifications focus on assessing how you apply what you know to solve real business challenges. All these resources can help you reinforce your knowledge, but you’ll still need real-life experience with the role and with the platform.

Any to reinforce what everyone has said so far, practical hand-on experience is very necessary for the Solution Architect exams, so get yourself an Azure subscription and work through using each of the topics in the exams. 

@Julian Sharp 

Thanks, Julian.  I'll do that.  I agree that doing some hands-on "tinkering" helps turn "abstract" concepts into tangible understanding.  


I'm actually pretty excited about this as I have a lot of software engineering experience and solution architecture and enterprise architecture experience.  So I think the combination of my background, the learning material and the hands-on tinkering will be a good multi-disciplinary approach.  



Hi, hope you are doing well.


All the recommended resources are great. This sentence is right but still, we need to choose the right platform from where everyone can get everything that is needed to learn, prepare, and pass the challenging Microsoft Azure Architect Expert Certification.


Do not forget to visit the official Microsoft Azure Architect Expert Certification page, where you will find the complete detail about Microsoft Azure Architect Expert Certification and their preparation.