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I would like to learn more and educate my office team folks on Open AI and GitHub Copilot. I would like to test their skills with few exercised and challenges as well. Do we have any location from where we can surf for decks and exercises for the same shared by MSFT or from other community leaders?


Thanks in advance!

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Hi @Abdul Rasheed Feroz Khan,

Yes, there are a number of resources available to learn more about OpenAI and GitHub Copilot, as well as exercises and challenges to test your skills.

Learning resources:

  • OpenAI website: The OpenAI website has a wealth of information about the company's technology, including research papers, blog posts, and tutorials.
  • GitHub Copilot documentation: The GitHub Copilot documentation provides a detailed overview of how to use the tool, including its features, limitations, and best practices.
  • Microsoft Learn: Microsoft Learn offers a number of learning modules on OpenAI and GitHub Copilot. These modules are interactive and hands-on, providing you with the opportunity to learn by doing.
  • Community resources: There is a large and active community of OpenAI and GitHub Copilot users. You can find many helpful resources on GitHub, Stack Overflow, and other online forums.

Exercises and challenges:

  • OpenAI API: The OpenAI API provides a number of different endpoints that you can use to generate text, translate languages, and answer questions. You can use the API to create your own exercises and challenges.
  • GitHub Copilot exercises: There are a number of GitHub Copilot exercises available online. These exercises can help you learn how to use the tool to generate code, translate code, and complete programming tasks.
  • Community challenges: There are also a number of community challenges available online. These challenges can help you test your OpenAI and GitHub Copilot skills against other users.

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