Large email scam and password steal just for Hotmail.

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My mom's account got hacked. So the first thing I did was add me as a backup email but this action has locked the account for one month! Wouldn't let me change passwords or anything. Now this bot has already sent out over 100k emails in 3 weeks just from her account. It's simple it just had a html file it says final contract. When you click it looks like Hotmail login like when you time out. My mom's older she didn't go to school for this. So now this has probably stolen million of password and emails. So expect once this hits the black market for things to start getting hacked. I spemt two hours on with Microsoft just trying to stop it we already have most things transfered over. But it logs in and send thousands to tens of thousands per day. If this has happened to you then change all your email and password you use with the same username and emails. The bad thing is Microsoft had 0 over rides? Noone could kick them out when they can look and see suspicious activity. Why wouldn't they block that first and ask before they send our that many emails. Where is the fail safe? The security feature of waiting 30 days from doing one change just worked against it. It only targets Hotmail accounts. I couldn't send it to my email to Google, proton, yahoo, ect..
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