Lack of Certification Support

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I read the statement about this community not being the place for certification support, which I understand, but the actual certification support site is seriously overworked and/or understaffed. There are many people complaining about problems taking exams and seeing their information and very few responses from the support staff. I don't know what's going on but MS should ask for some money back from PearsonVue, because they are not providing good service 


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Thanks Dean. As I commented in a previous post, we had a few outages earlier this week that was affecting exam scheduling. Are you still experiencing issues? I believe they should be cleared up now, but please let me know if you are still having issues.
The site was finally fixed, but I missed my opportunity to take 2 beta exams and cannot reschedule them because the number of beta seats has been filled. The entire support experience from Pearson Vue was tremendously frustrating
Dean did you post on Certification Support? If so, can you send me your support ticket URL. I'll follow up with internally to see what we can do.
Thanks Dean. I'm sorry this was such a frustrating experience. I'm following up with my team to see what we can do.