Is it possible to allow, two remote users to access the PC in the same time in windows 10 Pro

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I would like to let my team work from home by using Remote Access. But Server 2019 is more out of my requirements. I just need to let my team to access the PC at office, they can have all data stored at the Remote PC, and I will be having control. So please advise is there any provisions to allow remote access in Windows 10 Pro.



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Hello @ViggyBose


If it is just access to the data I suggest a Cloud sync mechanism like OneDrive or OneDrive for Business Even Microsoft Teams could be a good approach since it stores the files in SharePoint and you cloud sync that library. But nevertheless Windows 10 as well as Windows Server support a limited number of RDP sessions. If you do not need more than two sessions a Windows Server is fine.

I hope that helps

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