Importing pdf documents in excel

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I can't find pdf as option in get data from sources in my newly installed office 365.

Please can you just help on how to fix this asap. 


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Open your files. Open up the Excel spreadsheet that you want to place the link into and select Insert > Object.
Add your PDF. Click Create > Browse to locate the PDF you want to insert.
Check the display. ...
Embed your PDF.
Hi Ahmed,

Hope you're well. I'm still new here, but this is something I deal with often.

The way I do it;
- Open a new spreadsheet,
- Navigate to the DATA tab on the ribbon,
- Select GET DATA/From File/From Pdf,
- Which will then in turn open the Power Query pop-up window where you can see how the data in the pdf populated and being "seen" by Power Query,
- From here I select which tables/data from the pdf that I would like and either, A) choose to transform in the Power Query editor to edit before loading as connection or data or, B) I load it directly to Excel.

**Where it doesn't work**
This is only applicable to pdf documents created in Office and not those that have been printed and made copies of on a printer then for instance. These pdf's show no data in importing even via Power Query.
The only slight work around for this I've found is to scan picture into text via my ipad's office app, and then to look and see whether this text data is of sufficient quality to consider importing via Power Query in this format.
I have the paid adobe suite of products, which couldn't give me workable data either for pdf's like these. Saw some other software being advertised (falsely as free) until you get to the actual conversion to Excel.

I like to stick with Microsoft products though, so I've communicated clearly the type of pdf's I I'll use as input data and if important enough I'll do the text route.

Hopefully someone more knowledgeable has a better answer for you, but the above is my practical experience.

Always happy to help though if you need any.

Warm regards,
Hi Amoda,

Is this just to link or to get actual raw input data to work with in Excel?


Kind regards,
Just to link. Actual raw input data won't be able to worked as excel format.
Cool, thank you for the clarification. Either way, for most things there is always an efficient way or solution waiting to be found. Cheers and have a lovely weekend.