Implement a hub-spoke network topology on Azure Exercise - fails

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I am using the Azure sandbox to do the hub and spoke exercise (

The creation of deployment group give an error in the CLI

suresh_thomas@Azure:~$ az deployment group create \
> --resource-group learn-42216600-6ffe-4669-8cca-5bd0ca6ad936 \
> --template-uri
Deployment failed. Correlation ID: d1d1dd1b-ad6f-460f-9f51-63188afa028b. {
"error": {
"code": "AnotherOperationInProgress",
"message": "Another operation on this or dependent resource is in progress. To retrieve status of the operation use uri:",
"details": []
Any idea 

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Hello @sureshthomas


I just verified the lab and it worked flawless for me. I may have been a brief moment where two deployments were running in parallel. Did you try to run the script twice by any chance?

I suggest that you just try it again as I would do in production too. Let me know how it went.

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@Rolf-42  Thanks Rolf - its worked . It might have been  a temporary issue