Images used in Word template are not displayed in the email message (Mac OS, MS Word Mail Merge)

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I'm struggling on this matter. Tried tons of things but nothing is helping to reveal the images within the email. Please find more details below.


1. First, I create the email message content (it consists of banner image + text) - please check attached screenshot

I tried to insert image via Insert tab of Word, via dragging and putting it in the document, via copying and pasting and via all possible available options.


2. Set Mail merge settings (recipients, merge tags, etc.)


3. Send it as a HTML message.


I receive the email properly. The only issue I have is that the inserted image is not being displayed. On outlook shows with a question mark and in Gmail it is not showing at all. It just shows as [cid:image001.png@01D7038D.E5D9B080] placeholder.


The strange thing is that when sending this same template from Windows Word Mail Merge, it works perfectly, no issues with it. The issues start when I use Mac Word Mail Merge.


Any ideas or help will be very very much appreciated.


Many thanks

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Good day @AntoineVella

You can visit this YouTube video tutorial on how to do it

You can also visit for more information.

I hope it helps. Cheers!