If blank formula addition to be added to current formula.

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Please help


I am struggling to get my formula correct, I currently have the below data in Cell A1: 

1234 (09-07-2013) Sample. With a formula to extract only the data in brackets as:

=MID(A2;FIND("(";A2)+1; FIND(")";A2)- FIND("(";A2)-1)


I now want to add a condition that if there is no data inside the brackets () that the cell should be blank.


I would appreciate any assistance with this.

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Hi @User5105,

To make your existing formula return a blank cell when there is no data inside the brackets, you can use the following formula with an `IF` statement:


=IF(ISNUMBER(FIND("(", A1)), MID(A1, FIND("(", A1) + 1, FIND(")", A1) - FIND("(", A1) - 1), "")


This formula checks if an open parenthesis "(" exists in cell A1 by using `ISNUMBER(FIND("(", A1))`. If it does, the formula proceeds to extract the data inside the brackets using the `MID` function. If there's no open parenthesis, it returns an empty string, effectively making the cell blank.

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