I want to offer courses with Microsoft validity // Quiero brindar cursos con validez Microsoft

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Me gustaría impartir cursos de preparación para certificación de Excel y me gustaría que estos cursos tengan validez de Microsoft. ¿Existe algún proceso en específico?




I would like to offer induction courses for Excel certification with Microsoft validity. Is there any process to get it?


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Unlike other products, Microsoft do not have courses for Excel.
So you would need to create your own courses.
There are exams for Excel that you can direct your students to https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/certifications/browse/?resource_type=examination&products=office-ex...

Hi, @Julian Sharp

Do you know how to be a certification center with Microsoft validity? I want to offer courses and excel certification (MOS).


Hi, @Julian Sharp
Thank you so much for your support and time. I'm going to check that information.
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