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I'm completed the some Microsoft Azure Certifications. But , I'm not apply for the Gifts like T-Shirts..etc from Microsoft. Could anyone please help me in this.. How to apply and get those... please reply me...


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Vanamali. @vanamalimatha 

How to Applu

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I don't think Microsoft has an online certification store any more. You used to be able to purchase t-shirts, polos and other brands items but it looks like the store no longer exists.
Sometimes there is SWAG available at events. I still have a few Microsoft Learn branded hats and t-shirts to give away at in-person events in the UK
As Julian mentioned, there is no longer a certification store. Microsoft does offer an online Merchandise store via but they do not offer free swag. You can always put on some digital swag on your Linkedin profile with Credly badges.



Could you please provide me atleast one Hat or T-shirtsis it possible.


I'm adding my Credly Badges and Certifications added in LinkedIn Profile. But , I'm not get the anu swags from them..

Please help me this..
If you attend a UK based in-person event where I will be attending then OK
@Julian_Sharp Hi Julian , I'm from India - Andhra Pradesh. is it possible to attend that meeting.

Please , suggest me
If I register these , I will get the Hands of Experience with Knowledge.
Is it possible to get the Swags..?

If you are attending the event then message me beforehand so we can arrange to meet otherwise I will be handing out as giveaways at my sessions

Yes I'm Intereted.

It is Virtual Mode or Face to Face Interaction.

In-Person means Face-to-Face

Oh Ok.
Its Not Possible, because UK or other is Separate Countries.

Sorry to say this , Its so far far far to me..