How many vouchers for MD100/MD101 course

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Greetings, MCP gurus,


I have a few techs that I want to send to a boot camp for MD-100/MD-101.  The training partner is offering a 5 day accelerated course, but they are telling me that for each student, I will need to cut 2x 5 day course vouchers.  Is this legit?  Do I really need to use 10 days worth of vouchers for a 5 day course?







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@OuttaBeer Don't really know... but seems you want to have the content of 2 5-day courses into 5 days.

I guess they will provide you also with the content, like SkillPipe books, for both courses.

I'm not familiar yet with the pricing, but those books also need to be purchased... Maybe this is the reason for the vouchers

@OuttaBeer You need to ask the learning partner but if you are referring to vouchers provided by Microsoft I suspect they do not cover the full cost of a day's course and it is up to the learning partner as to say how many vouchers are required.