How do I user Power Automate with a Shared MS Form


I have created a Power Flow to take MS Forms Data and dump it into an Excel file when a new response comes in.  Easy enough.


How do I do this when I want to use a Form someone else created, but shared to me?
I tried using the form ID I see in the URL but that didn't work.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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@ironpixel Research I found determined that that is not supported. I was going through the same thing just today and IT is unsure of it.  What I have to do it is remake the forms so they're under my name. I have 30 of them and IT doesn't know how to migrate the files :(

@smokythebrad I appreciate the response.  That is pretty much what I had found, but wasn't sure if I was missing something or just reading out of date stuff.

I am looking to add this to their feature requests next as it seems there are a lot of questions out there around the same thing.  If I find it, I will point to this and other threads.


Thank you!