How do I submit app with api on azure, I am new to azure and struggling to submit or host.

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Hi there,

I am trying for the first time on Microsoft azure I am new developer and have very few knowledge about the azure I am trying to create a web app like.  AI to human text converter this website is a sample but my app is similar to this. How do I submit or host my app on azure. I really appreciate if i get any sort of guidance. 

Thank you

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To submit and host your app with an API on Azure, follow these steps:

1. Create an Azure account: Sign up at the Azure portal.
2. Set up a Web App: Go to the Azure portal, select "App Services," and click "Create" to set up a new web app.
3. Deploy your app: Use tools like Azure DevOps or GitHub Actions for deployment.
4. Configure API: In the Azure portal, set up API Management under "API Services."


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