How do I get free exams from MCT and how do I register

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How do I get free exams and register from MCT
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Hi @ngbeken1monday ,

it would be new to me, that you can get free exams from the MTC.

You can do the Microsoft Fundamentals Exams for free, after you visited a course/event of the MS virtual training day for the respective exam.

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Hi there- you do not get free exams as an MCT, but you will get #1 early access to beta exams at a large discount (80%) and two additional OCT specific discounts for exams you want to sit (75% and 50%).

To register to become an MCT- you need firstly to have passed a qualifying exam (list on this page:, then prove your training experience. You can then apply using the enrollment tool (check the link below for a how-to)
This link not working to enrollment