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I am neurodivergent just to start off to make you understand I do not intent to say anything inappropriate. I am hyper focused on completing and understand everything about Azure AI and its web services, but sometimes modules require me to complete the labs which I do not have access to because I am not a employee of any company just a self learner, is there any way around this?

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Sometimes looking elsewhere could meet your needs. I went through this exam with assistance from persons willing to provide free resources. I had just come across one of them offering what you might be interested in:

Best of luck.

@SaniGarba Finally, thank you so much for this response I will surely go through the playlist, does it include AI and ML concepts? And what particular exam were you referring to, I am interested in the Azure AI services and cloud. Thank you Sani much appreciated for the response.

You are welcome, Mohammed. You did not mention the particular level you are most interested in. Even the basic and fundamental course (AI-900) is woven around redumentries of AI/ML. I still assure you the link I provided can lead you to several more resources along the lines of your needs. Make sure you check Microsoft Learn and conduct a search for your topics/roles. This site could even be your one-stop shop.

Again, best of luck.

I would consider myself intermediate level as have done ML projects before as well as Mathematics.

Thank you dear sir!