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Hello community, Greetings !

I urgently need to convert these data into excel, my boss gave the work to me 2 weeks ago. I'm currently puting the data in excel manually but at this pace I'm sure that it would take me couple of months to complete the work.


  • Could anyone please help me in this matter ? Your help will be highly appreciated. Please help me saving my job.


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Hello there.

Of course we help you not lose your job as much a we can, I have great experience in Excel. It would be my pleasure to help as much as i can.
So i'll try my best, but if i coudn't help, accept my apology.

How are you planning on transfering this to your excel? I mean what format or layout you plan to use.

I will wait for your response and we'll do our best

Ehsan G.

@Ehsan_G  thanks for asking,

actually the file is in .jpg format for  example let's suppose there a telephone directory of about 600 pages, so the data I'm having is the copy of that directory in image format which I'm supposed to convert into excel format.


Converting this 




Into this



You're right, the data source in the post you linked is a JPG file. This means that the data is not in a text format that can be easily imported into Excel.
One way to solve this problem is to use an online tool that can convert JPG files to Excel. There are a number of free and paid tools available, such as:
* Aspose
* CloudConvert
These tools will allow you to upload your JPG file and convert it to an Excel spreadsheet. You can then open the Excel spreadsheet in Excel and format it as needed.
Another way to solve this problem is to use a third-party tool that can extract data from JPG files. There are a number of tools available, such as:
* Microsoft Power Automate
* Zapier
These tools allow you to create workflows that automate the extraction of data from JPG files. For example, you could create a workflow that automatically extracts data from a JPG file and imports it into Excel every time the file is updated.
The best method for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences. If you are looking for a quick and easy solution, then using an online tool is a good option. If you are looking for a more automated solution, then using a third-party tool is a good option.
Here are some additional tips for automating the conversion of JPG files to Excel:
* Make sure that the JPG file contains the data you want to import into Excel.
* Use a tool that supports the format of the JPG file.
* Test the tool to make sure that it is working properly.
* Save the Excel spreadsheet in a safe location.



Thanks for response.

As the other person mentioned, the best way to do this is by using automated tools or third-parties. There are straight JPG or JPEG to Excel format, Or you could convert JPEG to PDF and straight to Excel. That would be more accurate since AI is doing this. You could use Adobe PDF for All converting process. You can use 7-Day trial or buy the app for future usage. I'll put a link for that.

Feel free to use any method you think is better, And feel free to reach back for other questions or answers.

Ehsan G.

Looks difficult, very difficult, if you only have image files as source.
OCR (for Optical Chararcter Recognition if I remember well) software might help though, but such software may not be 100 % accurate. The last time I tried, 20 years ago, I ended up taking more time in reviewing the mistakes than it would have taken me to type in manually.
But OCR software have made great progresses in 20 years, for sure.
It also depends of the quality of your pictures (your jpeg files).