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Hello Everyone,


I recently cleared the AZ-900 Certification by just going through the Microsoft Learn Modules.


Shout if you need some help! The official learning from MS is sufficient and you don't really need to waste your money or any other sources.




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Hello@NamanT . I just began my studies to take the exams 3 weeks ago. I don;t have any IT background but i am trying to cover as much materials on Microsoft learn. I am hoping to take the exams by the end on July 2020. I have covered almost everything on the exam guide and the objectives, i have answered alot of questions on the exams on YouTube. 

How was your experience ?




Mohammed Usman

Hello @NamanT
Congratulations on passing your certification. In addition I'd like to point others, who like to take the same certification test, to a study guide of one of the Microsoft Azure Ambassadors, Thomas Maurer.

And if you want to keep track of your learning beside the Microsoft Learn modules you can try that with this Excel sheet from Chris Pietschmann, MVP. He runs the site Build5nines.com and has put together some tracking sheets for your learning.



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Congratulations on passing your certification, I too passed my AZ-900 certification today. I passed my exam too using official learning from MS, however I did some practise tests too from whiz-labs and they were very useful to get more confidence.

@NamanT Congratulations.


I too recently passed AZ-900 though I did a lot of work and had support of some Azure MCTs as it was outside of my comfort zone.  I agree that the material on Learn is excellent, but we all have different prior knowledge and learning styles, and thus the course and/or other materials are not a waste of money for everyone.


That is really good that being from a non IT background you are studying IT. All the very best. Things may seem difficult to understand first but when you start doing hands on, they are pretty easy.


I work in the Cybersecurity domain, so I was already working on Azure. So my experience was pretty easy I will say :)

I had to remember the SLA things/subscriptions/resource groups but the basic were clear from the start. I am preparing from my next one now Azure Security Engineer. This journey maybe a bit more time consuming but worth the effort then! :)

@Sara Fennah


Indeed! But MS is investing so much into #learn and they are the owners of the service, so where else to go then the service providers for learning.

For the external learnings, they also build there videos on the basic documentation from Learn and from my perspective, the idea to pass a certification is to gain knowledge rather than the badge! which the external coaching providers Do!


However, as you said, different people, different approach - I respect that! :)