get.cell not work in macro enabled file--need help

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Anyone know about the formula get.cell and could help to take a look at the problem I have?


I need to count green and pink color for column B as attached in the workbook(excel 2021), and the count result is in column F, it worked well yesterday, the file saved as "excel workbook", but today I save another file in "excel macro enabled workbook", the get.cell doesn't work, as column F should return the color code but not 0, I don't know why it doesn't work in "macro enabled" file


I don't know whether we could ask this kind questions here, but I didn't find anything that explain this, and I also tried to post in some "excel forums" which didn't get correct answer. Please advise how I correct it if you know, thanks a lot

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What I'm more confused is, I create a new file "sample2", as attached, the return value firstly shown as #N/A, after I save it and reopen the file, the return value changed to #NAME?


If someone know the above asked question, PLEASE advise, thank you so much

I had the same issue today, revert to saving as explicitly to macro xlsm ad it seems to be working again. Not sure what's up