Generate a PDF Form, Based on Specific Cells in a Workbook

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I'm trying to find a way to auto-generate a PDF that contains data from specific cells.


Our work order/service ticket means and methods have become outdated and I'm trying to evaluate our options to update them. Our current process is below:


1. Get sequential job numbers from carbon copies and write down job information.

2. Copy the same info above and enter it into an Excel template for saving and printing.

3. After submitting this information to Admin to have the job set up, I add information into a tracking log in Excel that I created.


Obviously, there is a lot of redundancy that needs to be cleaned up. I want everything to be in an Excel workbook that does all 3 of the above.


Thanks much!

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This would be the new workbook to track, print/save as PDF, and view billing info

Service Ticket Tracking 


This is the template that I would like for data in the above link to be copied onto, but I want all of this in one workbook. 

Work Order