FSLogix ODFC VHDX drive actual data versus VHDX drive size on server

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We are using FSLogix in a non persistent citrix environment, , it all woks pretty well, with the exception of the size of these outlook drives.  For instance, if I pick user that shows his vhdx drive at around 5gb, I mount that drive, have all the hidden and system files visable, select all folders and the reported usage comes back at 448mb but the vhdx size being reported in the folder is 4gb.  I do not have any minimum drive size turned on for the Office portion of the fslogix stuff.  For profiles its 500mb that gets created automatically.  I used a PS script the mounts the drive and shrinks it, but but it still does not get it lower than 4 or 5 gb.  We have Teams machine-wide installed with the ALLUSER=1 and ALLUSERS=1 switches applied (x86) I only mention this because I know its coming.  I also run a logon and logoff script that basically strips out any extraneous data from the profile regarding Teams.  The profile stuff isnt the issue anyway its the Outlook/ODFC drive.  Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer.  Attached is the drive size a s reflected on the profile server, the size of the contents after the disk is mounted and opened.  Question is why is it getting up to 7gb when there isnt close to 7gb in that drive?

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