Fonts for MS Office 2019 on Mac OS

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Hi All,


I've been directed to you experts by the MS Support team.


MS Office 2019 stores its fonts in the /Applications/Microsoft folder, however, all other fonts on the Mac are stored in either /System/Library/Fonts (system or Apple fonts) or /Library/Fonts (other user-installed fonts).


The effect is that the MS fonts don't appear in FontBook and so can't be enabled, disabled or otherwise managed. Further, they can't be seen or used by non-MS apps leading to font consistency issues.


To simplify font management and ensure use across all apps, I would like to remove all the MS fonts from DFonts and move them to Library/Fonts.


  1. If I do so will I 'break' the Office apps?
  2. Are there any fonts that Office requires as a minimum in DFonts to enable Word, Excel and Powerpoint to function?
  3. To remove the fonts from DFonts; is it simply a case of adding the fonts to Library/Fonts in the usual way with FontBook and then deleting the fonts from DFonts? Only, this article suggests its more complex and involves editing .plist files:
  4. Are there any other restrictions or ramifications to be aware of?

Many thanks in advance for your advice.


All the best, Charlie,


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Hello @GCRF01

1st of all I do not own a Mac or have handled Office on Mac myself. So please don't be too harsh I write something that does not make sense in regards to Mac. From what you wrote and from the linked article I would try to copy the fonts from the /Applications/Microsoft folder to the user folder /Library/Fonts if possible. Through that it would keep Office able to detect the fonts as well as the OS.

Does that make sense to you? Still I hope that helps
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